Below is a list of grants we are applying for and their current status:

Community Wildlife - Big Lottery
Amount applied for: 3,840
Project: Nature Trail of brass rubbing plaques and signal signs starting in the King George V and going to Lyminge along the Elham Valley Way
Status: Unfortunately we weren't successful with this one but would like to look for another funding option for this project

Phillips Fund
Amount applied for: 1,538.68
Project: Plant native hedging around King George V field to encourage more wildlife
Status: Grant awarded!

KCC 2010 Members Grant - Susan Carey
Amount applied for: 1,500
Project: Sensory garden planting and seating for King George V playing field
Status: Grant awarded!

Shepway Arts Projects
Amount applied for: 2,850 pounds
Project: Pottery Workshops - Inspired by Nature
Status: Grant awarded!

Community Spaces - Groundwork UK
Amount applied for: 100,000 pounds
Project: Improving King George V Playing Field
Status: Grant awarded!

KCC 2009 Members Grant - Susan Carey
Amount applied for: 1,450
Project: Design for King George V Playing Field project
Status: Grant awarded!

Shepway Community Chest
Amount applied for: 5,000
Project: Early version of ideas to improve King George V Playing Field
Status: 600 awarded for new goal posts

Future projects:
Sport For England
Awards For All
Reaching Communities
Roger de Haan Trust

Discounted due to ineligibility or no longer open:
Find Your Talent
Action with Rural Communities in Kent

Unsuccessful bids:
Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards Scheme
Amount applied for: 3,111 pounds
Project: Basketball hoop and outdoor table tennis table
Status: Application was unsuccessful due to huge amount of applications
Next Steps: We can apply again in a year

Sainsburys Local Heros
Amount applied for: no specific amount
Project: We have asked for assistance with sending our Youth Council for training
Status: No feedback, assume we were not selected
Next Steps: Apply again if it is launched next year